Holistic Coach Vocational Training by sabeconsult® for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Curriculum goal:

With this education you will attain an awareness, the appropriate framework of actions and the tools to evoke true holistic growth in businesses.

Target group and training pre-requisites:

  1. CEOs and HR managers seeking holistic growth in the context of their managerial capacity wishing to take pro-active and decisive influence on your company’s development. After completion of training you will unfold possibilities of holistic business growth unavailable to you until now.
  2. Independant coaches – upon completion of training - willing to conduct developmental coaching in businesses based on sabeconsult® Method are also accepted. For more information regarding concession agreements, continuative supervision and quality circles please contact sabeconsult® directly.

Training contents:

Holistic sabeconsult® Coaching is based on economic aspects, the human being (with an authentic expression and association in regards to feelings), as well as subtle influencing factors (spirituality in business).

During the training you will obtain the professional competence to initiate and implement a developmental coaching project. Furthermore a coaching context is established and held during the entire training period and you attain the competency to keep this space alive.

You will not only learn  to hold a coaching conversation in an impartial and empowering manner but to identify symptoms of ill health as well as systemic correlations in and sur-rounding businesses


Module I: Holistic Coaching:
Principles of coaching
Vision: coaching process and ‘being’
Being – emotions – non-physical energies
Module II: Human Being & Organization:
Coaching process and it’s basic economic context
Understanding of economic and personal growth
Modul III: Generate Developmental Process
Module IV: Resistance & Downswing in Developmental Coaching Processes

unconcious blockades
Hierarchy of success (energetic influence factors)
Identify and resolve mobbing situations

Module V: Discover and Train your Spiritual Competence
Integrate spiritual skills in everyday life
- Spiritual Management


Next vocational training:
Module I 28th - 30th January 2011
Module II 18th - 20th March 2011
Module III 13th – 15th May 2011
Module IV 1st - 3rd July 2011
Module V 2nd 4th September 2011
Location: Seminarhotel Weilquelle, Schmitten/Taunus
Fee: Euro 1.650,- pro module
plus VAT
Contact: info@sabeconsult.de


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