Holistic Company Coaching

Growth for human beings and enterprises

sabeconsult® Coaching is a leading provider of Holistic Company Coaching generating authentic, sustainable and measurable growth.
bildSince 1997 national and international companies, organizations and project teams have benefited from the exceptional approach represented by theHolistic Coaching Method and the structured Model.
This intersectoral concept enables entrepreneurs, managers and medium-sized enterprises to experience quantum leaps. It is not about becoming “a little” better in one area. It is about achieving a quantum leap with extraordinary results in three areas:
1. For yourself
2. For your staff members
3. For the success of your company

When do clients ask us for help?

  1. They are caught in a crisis and feel that their company has potential for a breakthrough.
  2. They would like to establish a sustainable and organic Personnel Development Program from in to out.
  3. They work at so-called interfaces – eg. between science and the economy – and would like to realize a quantum leap by using synergies (like many biotechnological enterprises).
  4. They are planning a fusion, merger – also internationally, especially in the USA or Europe.
  5. They are carrying out a Change Management Project and would like to increase efficiency significantly.
  6. They want to increase the success of an international team or with international clients.
  7. They strive for holistic growth of their enterprise.
Is this true for you, too?

Results you can expect

All coaching processes according to sabeconsult® are underpinned by concrete, measurable factors. Results always have to be viewed individually and in connection with the goals of the respective client. Therefore, we have compiled a small extract of results achieved:

  • “We have reduced meeting times by half in our company.”
  • “We have minimized damage caused by friction within the executive board and the management team.”
  • “Our turnover has increased.”
  • “Subsequent projects were realized faster and more effectively.”
  • “The number of staff away sick has been reduced.”
  • “Motivation has gone up by leaps and bounds.”
  • “Trust replaces paralyzing fear among staff members; especially in today’s crisis.”

Feel free to let us know if you would like to be put in touch with one of our clients who can act as referee.

Studies prove that …

a) … 80% of the success of a business depends on interhuman factors. Bottom line: investment in human beings pays off.

b) … the values of “safety”, “group orientation” and “reliabilty” are cornerstones of German culture. Bottom line: when and only when these are fulfilled will a human being be prepared to devote 100% of his/her potential to the success of the company.

c) … Individual Coaching pays for itself with the factor “7”. Bottom line: you are able to multiply this factor with Company Coaching. (see ICF study)


Content and process details:

The sabeconsult® Company Coaching Model consists of 5 phases and is an innovative approach aiming to initiate and realize holistic growth in all areas of an enterprise. Robust, sustainable, measurable.


All staff members are integrated in the coaching process in a systematic way and in varying depth. Hierarchical structures are set aside during the coaching workshop and smoothly reinstated in day-to-day work. This is one of the unique selling points (USP) of the sabeconsult® Coaching Approach.

Individual Coaching Processes are cleverly combined with group or large group coaching. All staff members feel involved and taken seriously. Potential is set free. Personal responsibility and motivation increase exponentially. Goal-oriented self-reflections are initiated leading to insights beyond one’s previous world of thoughts and experiences.

The ground is prepared for genuine growth by integrating into the process an Emotional Letting-Go of old experiences (eg. previous restructuring or management changes) and the removal of resentment from the team.

The goal-oriented integration of a vision as a source of power for growth, the deep involvement of body & feelings and the fact that change can be measured by distinct ROI key figures, guarantee sustainability.

Coaching is very measurable! Even when working with so-called “soft factors”, the whole process is underpinned by concrete, measurable success factors. This is an important tool for the management when it comes to performance review (ROI).
A sabeconsult® Company Coaching programme usually comprises a period of 6 to 9 months.

Experience has shown that, after carrying out sabeconsult® Company Coaching, extraordinary results and breakthroughs can be realized. Substantiated scientific research into comparisons between cultures and values (ICC integrating approach) have helped to refine the sabeconsult® Coaching Approach so that it also contributes exceptional breakthroughs in other nations and cultural groups.

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