Individual Coaching for Executives

From experience the following issues have proven to motivate executives to seek holistic sabeconsult Coaching:

  1. Identify and in fact authentically unfold your own leadership personality
  2. Maximize your personal effectiveness
  3. Integration of ‘your being and acting’ in your company’s system
  4. Qualification of employees to become professional players
  5. Success and satisfaction in life
  6. Free yourself from health impairments
  7. Staying healthy and successful when changing positions

This listing reflects the commonly identified examples of over 11 years coaching experience.
Please contact me directly for more information concerning your individual situation and objective. In a personal interview I will be able to provide you with further information or assistance if and how sabeconsult® Coaching can successfully deal with your issues. In conjunction with "Gaining the Lead"  please take note of the upcoming coaching seminars:

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