Individual Coaching for Entrepreneurs and CEOs

„As an entrepreneur or CEO you bear considerable responsibility and render superior commitment for the economic success of your company, for your employees, for your family.“

In order to master your challenges, you are welcome to engage me as a full-fledged coach for a determinate period of time. I am taking a stand for the achievement of your results. You may profit from my competencies and long-term international Coaching experience.

The following Coaching focal points are representing daily business life: All over the last years – and especially nowadays - CEOs and Entrepreneurs have benefit from Holistic Coaching to master the following challenges. And have realized sustainable success:

As Holistic Sparring Partner for decision maker in Change Management processes, focused on:

- Corporate Management
- Implementation of Company vision
- Managing crises
- Manifesting self-reliance in company
- Empowerment for growth and development all over the
  As a professional coach I will not explain you the “How” of Change Management, nor will I tell you “What” you have to do. Because you are the expert! But: I will open up new points of view! Points of view which lie outside your “box of thinking”. Only “there” real changes and quantum leaps take place.
2. Powerful managing crisis: No matter, if you are in a crisis or you are mentally influenced by the actual crises- and economy discussions.
3. Actual position: What is the actual resume of my own balance regarding to private life business life, success health, and my personal values & goals reality?
4. Changing company or position: After completing past stage of life powerfully, you will start your new business life and your new period of life with light and comfortable luggage, only.
5. Integration Coaching: Personal powerful positioning towards stakeholders, supervisory board, investors, banks, and others.

Do you find yourself in one of the topics?
Or do you have another concern at the moment?
I would be delight to talk to you about it in a first conversation without any engagement.

You can call me under
+49 170 2072121
or +49 6195 976689.

Or send me an email. I am looking forward hearing from you!

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