Human Ressource Development Coaching

Holistic Coaching to build growth-oriented Personnel Development in your enterprise

Do you want to establish a viable Personnel Development Program? A Personnel Development Program that is an essential foundation for your business objectives? Do not hesitate to contact us!

With the Holistic Coaching Approach, sabeconsult® support small and medium-sized enterprises in creating and introducing a concept for Personnel Development. A concept that is 100% tailor-made to suit your company and the people working in it.

All advantages of coaching are integrated in the innovative approach for setting up a modern and timely Personnel Development:

  • A maximum of acceptance is reached in the business.
  • A business culture of personal responsibility and satisfaction is established in which the individual actively strives for personal development

Results you can expect

  1. Introduction of a viable Personnel Development Program (PD)
  2. Embedding the PD, acceptance of and identification with PD throughout the business. Integrating PD into strategic company goals
  3. Quantum leap in personal responsibility and self-reflection in all areas of the company / Learning Organization

Tangible assistance you get from us

  • We prepare the ground so that all staff members will develop a natural desire for personal development.
  • Together with you and/or your Human Resources Manager, we draw up and create a personnel development concept tailored to your company’s requirements and your vision. Existing tools are integrated.
  • We support you and/or your management during the introduction stage.

Content and delivery:

For a limited period, we put our coaching expertise at your disposal to establish a viable Personnel Development Program. This will become an essential element in your success.

Through result-oriented individual and group coaching, we identify what you and your company really need for a strategic alignment of your Personnel Development Program. Hurdles and blocks are removed from the outset. We involve your staff members to make sure that the future personnel development concept includes all elements that the individuals in your enterprise require. For peak performance. Authentic, robust, measurable. Nothing is imposed from the outside, nothing unnecessary is introduced. Everything is developed from the inside and every tool is aligned with your vision.

We get the ball rolling towards a Learning Organization.

The duration of the coaching projects varies between 3 to 6 months according to the size of the enterprise and the objectives. One of the standards by which we measure our success is:

“With high levels of professionalism, a sabeconsult coach sets the ball rolling towards the empowerment of individuals and organizations, then strives to become dispensable as fast as possible. Afterwards everyone is convinced: ‘We have done it ourselves!’ If you are able to say that, dear client, my team and I have done a good job.”
Sabine Mrazek

Management Audits und Assessment Center:

Der Mensch ist der Dreh und Angelpunkt eines erfolgreichen Unternehmens. Daher gewinnen auch Management Audits und Assessment Center zur optimalen Personalauswahl mehr und mehr an Bedeutung. Gerne steht Ihnen hierfür Sabine Mrazek mit ihrer Erfahrung in der Durchführung von ACs, als Gutachterin und Jury Mitglied in unterschiedlichen Settings zur Verfügung.

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Coaching Pool:

Gerne unterstützen wir Sie auch bei der Einführung von Coachingpools, die zunehmend in erfolgreichen Unternehmen als wichtiges Instrument der Personalentwicklung dienen.

  1. Definition Ihrer – auf Ihr Unternehmen passenden - Auswahlkriterien
  2. Aufbau, Durchführung und Ausbildung für interne Assessment Center

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