ICC - Intercultural Coaching

Holistic Coaching in Intercultural Cooperation

uhrenOne person has blue eyes, another one has green eyes – That’s a fact!
Companies or people working together with other cultures are well aware of this: they know that there are barriers between human beings that can hinder successful cooperation. Knowing about the barriers is one thing but mastering the challenge of bringing oneself or one’s team to respect another culture despite or with its different characteristics is another …The other person (colleague, client, boss) has to be accepted the way he/she is. Easier said than done. But how do we deal with it in everyday life? Getting on with other personalities is challenging even within the same culture. When the cultural component with different value systems is added, it is twice as hard. Not because of language or communication, but because of underlying attitudes.

sabeconsult® offers clients a holistic coaching approach, the ICC Intercultural Coaching programme. This groundbreaking process helps identify human obstacles quickly, develop an inner awareness of differences in thought and action and uses this knowledge to achieve mutual success. It leads to a breakthrough manifesting itself in effectiveness and results.


Cultural values, types of personality and personal attitudes are taken into account in the coaching as much as the client’s / industry’s practical day-to-day business. 

Goals and results:

  1. Optimizing cooperation in international teams and realizing a quantum leap in effectiveness
  2. Setting up foreign businesses / merger
  3. Adaptation and introduction of American Human Resource Development in Germany as well as of German Personnel Development in the USA

Cultures: USA, Africa, various European countries (eg. France, England, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy)
Languages: German, English, French

Interesting facts:

sabineSabine Mrazek has several years of leadership experience abroad (Africa & Europe) as well as extensive coaching experience in international Change Management involving multinational project teams. In ICC, this experience is linked with longstanding research work in the area of coaching.


Details on content and process

Authentic, pragmatic, measurable!

Through a mix of goal-oriented individual and group coaching, team members of different backgrounds evolve a permanent awareness of and experience differences in thoughts, feelings and actions.

3 systematic steps give all participants a deep awareness how this “being different” influences how we react in everyday life. Insights are transferred to clients’ systems and work environments / contents.

In general, a new platform for work / knowledge platform is created. For example, if “keeping agreements and appointments” has a different significance due to different cultural values (Germany – USA or Germany – Italy), a new platform for cooperation is created.

Target groups

  1. Entrepreneurs, directors, CEOs
  2. Teams working internationally / project teams
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