The sabeconsult® Coaching Method

The method is constructively based. It is holistic and systemic as well as goal- and results-oriented. It focuses on enabling human beings to change by concentrating on objectives by means of a “vision”. Systemic Coaching, Transactional Analysis, Expressive Therapy devised by Beth Weiner (assistant to Dr. Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross – researcher in the study of death – for 15 years) and improvisational theatre are important components of this method. It takes into account hidden spiritual patterns that impact on personal value systems.

Main Features of the Methodology:

  1. Especially in Company Coaching, the measurable factors integrated in the coaching process are of utmost importance. Human growth becomes measurable! Thus the individual receives a tool for self-motivation. The company gets concrete feedback on its return on investment (ROI).
  2. When spirituality plays a role for the client, the “non tangible” can be used actively as well as his/her own spiritual values for achieving the objectives of the coaching process.
  3. Thoughts and feelings, feelings and thoughts affect each other. The sabeconsult® method handles feelings in an authentic, human way suited to the client. A genuine quantum leap can be achieved through the use of special modules to cope with the grieving process, which arises in any change process and which mostly unconsciously hinders growth. The special modules apply scientifically acknowledged techniques adapted to coaching. They work at an emotional and physical level.


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