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Spiritual Management? Working with energy? Is this truely possible? What are the benefits? A revolutionary movie "WHAT the Bleep do we know" was introduced in 2004

My clients – all revisualizing themselves in thier sabeconsult® Coaching process during this movies – know this path is not easy to walk: to disregard sales strategies acquired painstakingly over years and instead to immerge into the world of energy, emotions and creation. To actually retrieve strength from lost contracts thus opening new doors / possibilities. To effectively change conversations and business deals. With the help of energies, discontinuation of (subtle) common practice and emotional reactions. And all agree: it is really worth it!
Why do I mention this movie on my website? We are emerging to a turning point. All concerned (thus literally meaning all people) know that the knowledge of the past is no longer sufficient. HR managers and entrepreneurs complain that seminars / coachings lack profoundness. The core of the human being and ones emotion remain touched thus not revealing hidden potentials. Unable to grasp the human being as a whole – for the company and the success.
This movie is one of a kind in particular when you reckon "who” is talking to "whom”. According to the authors and actors: the boundries between spirituality and science become blurry.

And here a link to a good review!

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