June 2009
dvctIn June 2009, Sabine Mrazek has been appointed to the Credential Committee of the German Coaching Federation dvct e.V. The “Deutscher Verband für Coaching & Training” has been the first Coaching Federation in Germany.

27th July 2009  6pm – 9pm

Speech at ICF Chapter Rhein/Main:

How does sabeconsult® Company Coaching works? What are the long-term results for the company from the point of view of a customer?

On Monday 27th July 2009 Sabine Mrazek will presen the concept of

Holistic Developmental Coaching for Companies by sabeconsult®

at ICF Chapter Rhein/Main. Afterwards Dr. Petra Weingarten, head of personnel department of Protagen AG in Dortmund, will speak about the long-term impacts of this innovative Company Coaching approach in her company.

Please register in advance.
More information and registration details you will find here (PDF).

April 2009

sabeconsult® counts on sustainability and growth … and proved quality

dvct In April 2009 sabeconsult® has been successfully accredited according to the standards of “Deutsche Verband für Coaching & Training e.V.”, Hamburg (dvct).

After launching the vocational training for Company Coaching in 2006, and registering the trade mark in 2008, this has been consequently the next milestone in the success story of sabeconsult® Coaching.

Press release

6th November 2007

International Coaching!

Dortmund Internationalization Workshopt /
Dortmund Business Development, 6th November 2007

20th April 2007
Best Human Resources Development Award (North Rhine
Westphalia, Germany)

On Friday, March 4th, 2007 the Dortmund Human Resources Prize 2007 was awarded to Protagen AG for the best Human Resource Developmental Concept.

Spiritual Management? Working with energy?
Is that really possible?
What are the benefits?

A revolutionary movie was introduced in 2004:
"WHAT the bleep do we know" (Link to the German Homepage)

Read my recommendation to the movie here.

30th October 2004
"Die Mutmacher" reporting on sabeconsult®
23rd - 26th September 2004
Co-organization and Seminar at German Junior Chamber Federation Conference


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