Speech + Media Coaching

Mastering important speeches and appearances as well as demanding negotiations with charisma and authenticity

Would you like to excel in demanding negotiations and appearances? Would you like to win people by a charisma shining from within, clear and bright, instead of using artificial rhetorical devices?

I look forward to helping you with a specific, highly effective Coaching Intervention to really let go negative and debilitating thoughts and with a positive mindset to win over persons you talk to.

My personal strong points lie in the following coaching situations:

  • Preparation of demanding contract negotiations
  • Positioning vis-à-vis Boards of Directors, banks, investors
  • Presentations during restructuring, crises etc.
  • Preparation of media appearances & commercials

Did you know:
There is scientific proof that one in four persons finds it daunting to speak in front of a group of more than four people.
Communication studies have shown that the content of a speech accounts for only 7% of the successful transmission of a message to the listener. Non-verbal elements account for an overwhelming share of 93%.

Goals and results:

  1. Mental blocks that may show outside as stage fright or as vacillation will be identified and permanently resolved

  2. You experience how you can genuinely reach and inspire your audience (and other fellow human beings) by being authentic and alive

  3. Your intention and the messages you wish to convey are clarified and reinforced so that they reach and are absorbed by your audience (common thread, consistency)

Process & content:

For this coaching induction, you need two coaching sessions on average, 2 hrs each, with a gap of 1 to 2 weeks (maximum) between the sessions.
If you are you planning a media appearance or intend to produce a commercial, let us know! It will be a pleasure for us to put together a specific concept including each step from beginning to end. We offer personal coaching and the final product, no matter whether producing a commercial or working with autocue is concerned. We look forward to contributing to your success in cooperation with our longstanding business partner „videowork“ renowned professionals in the media world.


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