Specific Coaching Topics (Workshops)

The serial Specific Coaching Topics was created with following motivation:

  1. You obtain the opportunity to find out if sabeconsult® Holistic Coaching is the right, the coherent method for you.
  2. You have the chance to meet the coaches Sabine Mrazek und Michele Dunlap in a live coaching environment and see if the chemistry is agreeable.
  3. You have the opportunity to address a personal topic during the workshop and workout your individual solution.

All topics have surfaced during 10 years coaching experience and represent the prevalent reasons to seek professional coaching.

We start this coaching serial with following topics:

"... I really want to, but..."

23rd January 2009 (2pm - 6 pm)

In this workshop you reflect on what consistently keeps you from doing what you really want to do. Or what diminishes your happiness in retrospect. Once you unmask the unconscious rebel within you will gain a complete new freedom of action also having a major impact on your immediate surroundings.

Coaching for Growth in Corporations
27th February 2009 (2pm - 6pm)

You will obtain coaching in how to inspire all (!) your employees with your goals. Thus triggering a climate of continuous and sustainable growth in your company. Authentic and from within.

Effortless Decision Making!
3rd April 2009 (2pm - 6pm)

Identify your unconscious pattern of decision making and areas sapping energy and you will gain a new freedom of action.

Location: Naturparkhotel Weilquelle, Schmitten im Ts

149,00 Euro per seminar
plus VAT

Info and registration:


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